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Erik Slack

Erik hails from deep in the heart of Texas--the grand city of San Antonio. He's been making websites since elementary school, and has created a thriving career from building more and more feature-rich web applications. After moving to Utah he's worked for startups and enterprises alike enjoying both experiences.

Due to his love for Google's framework Erik has become an avid Angular developer. He now has 7 years of framework-specific experience under his belt on top of 12 solid years of coding with Javascript. Erik doesn't just code Angular, he teaches it and is a regular speaker at the Utah Angular Meetup. He's also a co-organizer for said meetup and has been hosting them since they went online. He doesn't only teach developers how to code various things, but also how to apply that knowledge. His strategy involves helping others learn so that they will earn more money or offer more value to their companies and the consumer.

In the workplace Erik makes time to mentor others and discuss architecture or solutions with his peers. He'll always give you his educated opinion on something, but isn't afraid to admit when someone else's solution makes more sense and is a more appealing option. Often you'll find him hosting lunch-and-learns or taking active part in a cross-functional team to improve processes. He has a wealth of knowledge around software as an industry beyond just development.

He's a husband and father of three beautiful mixed-race kids that are his whole world. He's passionate about technology and gaming. He builds his own computers and tinkers with high-tech toys. Space exploration and innovation such as self-driving cars are among his favorite reading materials. He's savvy at Magic: the Gathering and paints worlds as a game master in Endless Realms.

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