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Michael Madsen

Michael comes from the Grandest of Junctions in good ole Colorado USA. He's got the greatest of belly laughs for man without a belly, and his dry humor can crack the toughest of tree barks. Some have called him "The Angular Wizard of Salt Lake City," others have dubbed him "That Tall Ginger Over There." The man has done enterprise web app development for his entire career and currently serves InMoment as a Lead Technologist. Basically the man says "We need this technology it will make our app better in some way." Then all of the developers in the company rush to learn that technology and add it to their platform. He is an Organizer for the Utah Angular Meetup and speaks often about complex and cutting-edge topics. He's a father of 3 beautiful kids he loves very much. He's passionate about movies (It's to the point where he's got original theater posters for Serenity, Rocketeer, and Mad Max: Fury Road in his office) and building things with his hands and his brain.

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