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Thursday, November 19th

9:00 am MT

Opening Remarks

9:10 am MT

Keynote Prestentation - The Past & Present of  Angular

Jules Kremer & Misko Hevery

JULES round pic.png
MISKO round pic.png
Enterprise Monorepos

9:40 am MT

Nx for Angular CLI Users

Jeff Cross & Katerina Skroumpelou

10:00 am MT 

Sustainable Angular Architectures with Monorepos and Strategic Domain-Driven Design

Manfred Steyer

10:30 am MT

Nx, the Fun Bits

Yvonne Allen

YVONNE round pic.png

Configuring Angular Libraries with Monorepos

10:40 am MT

Nishu Goel

NISHU round pic.png

11:00 am MT

Speed Up! Incremental Compilation with Nx

Juri Strumpflohner

Maintainability & Quality
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