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Angular and Storybook, Oasis Digital

Nathan Kern

4/12/21, 8:00 PM


4/12/21, 10:00 PM

Angular and Storybook, Oasis Digital
Nathan Kern
Instructor Bio:

Nathan Kern is a Software Engineer with Oasis Digital, who enjoys helping clients find interesting solutions to problems. He spends his "free time" being a dad, hiking with his family and playing video games. He also maintains an open-source set of Angular libraries, you can check them out at

“Demo apps” can be a costly way of documenting your organization’s component code base. Storybook removes the need for an application scaffolding and provides a flexible and powerful contract for exercising, documenting and testing components in isolation.

In this two hour workshop we will

* Install and set up Storybook in an Angular project
* Build a couple of components
* Use Storybook to explore how components operate in various scenarios.
* Integrate testing with Storybook to verify component behavior

We’ll also hear from Angular Boot Camp instructors to learn how they use Storybook in their client projects.

Workshop Setup & Installation:

Clone repo
git clone

Checkout starting branch
git checkout 00-editable-library

Install dependencies
npm i

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