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Develop at Scale with Nx Monorepos Day 1

Isaac Mann, Rares Matei

4/15/21, 4:00 PM


4/15/21, 11:00 PM

Develop at Scale with Nx Monorepos Day 1
Isaac Mann, Rares Matei
Instructor Bio:

Isaac is an Architect at Nrwl. He helps maintain the documentation for Nx at and has created two video courses available at Isaac is an Instructor at and has written blog posts on Advanced Angular Component Design.

From the faraway lands of Scotland (but without the Scottish accent), Rares works as a Senior Angular Developer for Nrwl, helping clients scale up their development practices. He’s a core member of the NxCloud team, has courses on TypeScript and Reactive Programming and organises the GlasgowJS meetup. He also organises and teaches at CodeYourFuture, a charity that helps refugees become web developers and find work in tech.

Monorepos allow for easy code sharing, atomic changes, and easy transitions between teams. However, an unmanaged monorepo can be catastrophic — grinding productivity to a halt. Nx allows you to effectively manage a monorepo so that you can gain all the benefits while mitigating the costs.

You Will Learn:
We'll build up a monorepo from scratch, creating a client app and server app that share an API type library. We'll learn how Nx uses builder commands and schematics to make the developer experience more consistent across projects. We'll then make our own builders and schematics for processes that are unique to our organization. We'll also explore the growing ecosystem of plugins that allow for the smooth integration of frameworks and libraries.

Workshop Setup & Installation:

<br> Install [Node](
<br> Install [Nx]( globally
<br> Clone the workshop repository (to be provided to attendees after registration)

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