FREE: Angular and TailwindCSS

Preston Lamb


Learn what Tailwind is and how to configure it in your Angular application.

TailwindCSS is a popular, new, utility first CSS framework for styling your web applications. In this workshop you'll learn:

- the basics of Tailwind
- how to include it in your Angular application
- how to purge the extra CSS from your application when deploying the app
- how to extend Tailwind to fit your needs

Workshop Setup & Installation:

ng-conf 2021 Workshops
ng-conf 2021 Workshops

ng new ngconf-tailwind-workshop
Screen reader support enabled.

ng new ngconf-tailwind-workshop
Turn on screen reader support

Instructor Bio:

Preston Lamb is a JavaScript developer from Utah. He enjoys building applications, writing blog posts, and creating training courses. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids and watching the Utah Jazz.

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