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FREE: Angular Performance Profiling Workshop

Jeff Cross

4/12/21, 8:00 PM


4/12/21, 10:00 PM

FREE: Angular Performance Profiling Workshop
Jeff Cross
Instructor Bio:

Jeff Cross is a Principal Architect and Co-Founder at When he’s not attending meetings or writing emails, he’s hanging out with his pet Kunekune pigs, Peppa, Charles Junior, and Cheddar.

When your app is slow,
the root cause you must know.
To know where to start
is both science and art.
The tools are all there,
but you must be aware.
So join Jeff in the excitement
of performance enlightenment.

Jeff will start with an app that loads slowly, and incrementally analyze and improve the loading performance of the app. In this free two-hour workshop, the following tools and techniques will be covered:

Lighthouse for performance auditing
Chrome Performance and Network tabs for analyzing performance in detail
Chrome source editing for quick experimentation
Source-map explorer for analyzing bundle contents
A scientific methodology for improving site performance

Workshop Setup & Installation:

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