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FREE: Design & Research Fundamentals for Developers

Alex White & Kevin McCartney

4/12/21, 4:00 PM


4/12/21, 8:00 PM

FREE: Design & Research Fundamentals for Developers
Alex White & Kevin McCartney
Instructor Bio:

Alex White is a Senior UX Developer at Insight Digital Innovation. As a consultant, Alex practices “Full-Stack UX” by utilizing design and research to present better solutions to his clients. In his free time, Alex is a serial maker that has built and shipped numerous products, ranging from Tinder for cats to a chatbot driven delivery service. Alex is passionate about mentoring and encouraging fellow developers to leave their comfort zone and build stuff that makes a difference!

Kevin McCartney discovered his love for software engineering by accident after picking up some web development work while working on his graphic design degree. After teaching himself the ropes, he dropped out of art school & hasn’t stopped learning since. Over the last 6 years, Kevin has worked with everyone from TechStars startups to major enterprises. Kevin currently works with Insight Enterprises as a Principal consultant where he does everything from frontend to cloud & beyond. When he’s not slinging code, Kevin is playing music, writing, & trying to be a better dad to his plants.

How do you know what you’re building is important to your customers? As a developer, it’s easy for you to jump right into the code when given a problem to solve, but what if you build something that nobody wants? Taking the time to design and research your product can help you better meet the needs of customers while avoiding potential rework down the line. This hands-on workshop will present you with a problem that needs solving and guide you on researching, designing and prototyping a solution. You will work in a small group to evaluate the problem and design a solution. Your group will turn the design into an interactive prototype and conduct usability studies to ensure you’re meeting customer needs. Finally, your group will iterate on the design and present your findings to a stakeholder. At the end of this workshop, you will have the fundamentals needed to research and design the solutions your customers want. You will also learn tactics for selling the value of design and research to your client, and how to best present your research results.

List of what attendees will learn:
- Be able to use design software to develop interactive prototypes
- Understand the different types of UX research and feel comfortable running a usability study
- Learn how to summarize findings and present to stakeholders

Workshop Setup & Installation:

Create a account and download/install the Mac or Windows desktop application

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