FREE: Using Angular Elements to Give Enterprise Components a New Lease on Life, Rangle

Abdella Ali and Freddy Cheungh


This workshop will show you how to reuse valuable components across your entire organization. We’ll take you through the process of converting an already existing component in an enterprise environment into a reusable Web Component through Angular Elements. At the end of this workshop, you’ll know:

* What architecture to consider when turning an established component into a reusable one across different contexts in your organization
* How to bundle your component into an Angular element as a part of your CD
* How to deploy this component onto a private registry for easy access across your organization
* How to optimize your bundle size

Workshop Setup & Installation:


Instructor Bio:

Della Ali is a Solution Architect and Rangle’s go-to host for all company events. When he’s not taking to the stage, complete with costumes, Della is busy leading client engagements, mentoring developers within his department, and being Rangle’s leading expert in Angular. He’s also Rangle’s longest-standing employee, having been with the company since its founding year.

Freddy Cheungh is a Software Developer at Rangle who is never afraid to step outside his comfort zone. Whether it’s creating UX/UI design for AllChecked.In, a first-of-its-kind Covid-19 contact tracing web app for Canadian restaurants and businesses, or running internal workshops for Ranglers on CSS animation, Freddy is dedicated to learning. He’s also trilingual—in Spanish, English and Chinese.

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