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Learn NgRx Day 2

Alex Okrushko

4/14/21, 4:00 PM


4/14/21, 11:00 PM

Learn NgRx Day 2
Alex Okrushko
Instructor Bio:

Alex is a Principal Architect at Cisco working on the next generation of Cisco's Customer Experience Frontends. He is also a core member of the NgRx team and GDE in Angular. In his free time, he organizes AngularToronto meetups, engages in conversations at the official Angular Discord and provides NgRx workshops.

Do you know Angular but want to embrace more reactivity in your applications? Or maybe you already know NgRx but want to level up your game? In this two day workshop you will go from inactive to reactive when building Angular apps. Expert Alex Okrushko will show you a ground-up approach to building scalable applications using the NgRx architecture. This workshop teaches you both how to use NgRx and how to think “reactively” when building applications. Walk through the fundamentals of NgRx with in-depth discussions, exercises, and code labs. Learn about writing actions to describe your application flows, reducers to handle state changes, and effects to communicate with your backend APIs. Ask Alex your toughest NgRx questions. Whether you’ve just started learning or you are already building applications with NgRx there will be something for you.

Workshop Setup & Installation:
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