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Learning Test Driven Development with Angular

Joe Eames

4/14/21, 4:00 PM


4/14/21, 11:00 PM

Learning Test Driven Development with Angular
Joe Eames
Instructor Bio:

Joe is the President of HeroDevs. He also organizes ng-conf & React Conf. He gives a lot of talks & workshops, is a Google Developer Expert, and loves board games, Dungeons and Dragons, and Star Wars.

Are your unit tests an asset or a liability? Or are they nonexistent because you never get around to doing them. Do you find that your tests just slow you down?

The solution to all of these problems is Test Driven Development. TDD will supercharge your unit tests, and fundamentally change the way you write code.

TDD makes coding easier, makes it easier to make your code correct, and forces you to write better code. Studies show that practicing TDD leads to improved velocity and reduced bug counts. Many developers report they enjoy coding more while using TDD. And some jobs even require TDD.

This is a hands-on workshop. You will be coding for most of this workshop, so come prepared to learn by doing.

What you will learn:
* The fundamental rules of TDD
* How to use TDD in your angular code
* How to triangulate on difficult algorithmic solutions with TDD
* How to reduce your cognitive load while programming using TDD
* How TDD improves the quality of your code
* How to identify all the scenarios that need a unit test
* How to use unit testing frameworks effectively while test driving your code
* When to NOT use TDD

One of the best parts about learning Test Driven Development is that it's a skill that applies to every language and every technology.

Come learn one of the best ways to improve the quality of your code.

Workshop Setup & Installation:


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